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Local Events

Decking with flowers on the Corpus Christi Day in Brugnato

24th February 2008

The course of the streets and the squares of the old town centre, nearly one kilometer long, is covered with a large floral carpet with drawings and compositions created by the different "contradas" of the village and inspired to religious and eucharistic themes. On this day, early in the morning, the inhabitants of Brugnato start to work on the streets to realize decorative elements with thousands of multicoloured petals which, every year, strike the imagination of the several tourists who take part to this artistical event.

Cycling tour of Italy in Riomaggiore

27 February 2008

Riomaggiore will house the 11th lap of the famous sports manifestation concerning cycling. The cortege of cyclists will pass through the National Park making a stop at the Cinque Terre.

"Ambienti del Settecento Veneto, dal paesaggio alla veduta"

from the 1st March to the 31st July 2008

This particular monographic show concerning the Venetian art of the eighteenth century, in relation to the collection of the Lia Museum, will take place in a new expositive space inside the Museo Civico.

Festa della Mimosa (Mimosa Day)

5th march 2008

"accomoation-hostel-italy di San Giuseppe" (St. Joseph's fair)

19th march 2008

This typical event, which lasts three days long, celebrates the figure of St.Joseph, the patron saint of La Spezia. During this period more than 600 fly pitches of hawker and artisans crowd the area of the public gardens and the promenade of the city. This is a manifestation of very ancient origins (they date back to the sixteenth century) which was created with the aim of developing the commercial activities of this area. On this occasion it will also be possible, for citizens and tourists, to visit free the Military Arsenal.

St. Lazzaro' s fair and Canestrello Festival in Brugnato

13th march 2008

This typical event of ancient origins (sixteenth century) takes place on the 13th march in the old town centre of Brugnato; in 1559 this village, devoted to the Government of Genoa, obtained from the Most Serene Republic the permission to organize its own market. The tradition turned it into a fair on the 5th Sunday in Lent. This is a further occasion to promote the local sweetmeat, the famous canestrello, made with sugared pastry and flavoured with some wild fennel, well-known in the whole Ligury and produced by all the bakeries of the village.

Trade fair in La Spezia

19th march 2008

The most awaited and appreciated trade show of the whole provincial area, inaugurated in 1995; it will last for a week starting from the 19th march and it will take place at the indoor stadium of the Bragarina quarter. Many items, as gardening articles, furniture, industrial vehicles, cars, door and windows frames, swimming pools, aquariums, carpets, car accessories, household appliances, clothes, artistic handicraft, mattresses, curtains, gastronomic specialities and many other innovations and curiosities will be exhibited on an expositive surface of 700 square meters. The admittance ticket costs only 3 Euros.

"Di piazza in piazza" ( From square to square )

3rd april 2008

The squares of the old town centre are animated by gastronomic stands rich in typical local products. The peculiarity of this manifestation stays in the contemporary exaltation of the local specialities and the architectonical beauties. Thanks to the purchase of a coupon it is possible to accede to the tasting in each square.

Easter lights in Manarola

from the 13th to the 16th april 2008

It is now some years since Mr. Andreoli has decided to create, besides the famous Christmas crib, a series of luminous figures inspired to Christ's Passion and Resurrection and realized using some recycling material; they are usually lighted after the sunset.

Easter Festival in Levanto

16th april 2008

This particular folkloristic Festival takes place in the middle of the town where a beautiful historical cortege with flag-waving performers and musicians will parade through the streets of the centre. A gigantic Easter egg will be opened in Cavour Square and children will be given many little chocolate eggs!

8th March "Palestra nel verde"

24th april 2008

Communal territory Parodi Mount. Courses of 7, 14, 20 kilometers in length.

St. Mark's Day

25 april 2008

A religious Festival to honour St. Mark with the celebration of an afternoon Mass in the Ferro farm. A rural party with snacks and music!

Presentation of the book on Piero Borotzu in Vezzano Ligure

25th april 2008

Presentation of the book on Piero Borotzu with relevant exhibition. Many gastronomic specialities of Vezzano and of the Sardinia areas will be served. Moreover, several old recallings will be organized.

Beans and "Pecorino" cheese Festival

from the 25th april to the 1st may 2008

During this manifestation it will be possible to enjoy fresh beans, an excellent "pecorino" cheese, homemade bread, cold meats of the Lunigiana area, testaroli, sgabei and the wine of the hills of Luni. This festival will take place along the beautiful Via dei Giardini in the old town centre of Sarzana.

Festa della Madonna del Ponte ( Madonna of the Bridge Festival ) in Pignone

1st may 2008

This open-air Festival takes place in the resort of Monti with an offer of gastronomic products cooked by the volunteers of Pignone.

"Fair of the 1st may" in Sesta Godano

1st may 2008

This manifestation will take place from 8 a.m to 20 p.m and will concern the exposition and the selling of cattle and products for the agriculture and the breeding. This is an annual fair which registers a remarkable number of visitors and exhibitors coming from every part of Ligury and the neighbouring regions. On the occasion of this manifestation a free bus service which to-stay-in-italythe car park to the Santa Margherita's Bridge and the fair is guaranteed.

"Cantamaggio" event Varese Ligure

1st may 2008

This particular event dates back at many years ago and it represents one of the most significant moments for the inhabitants of the village; on this day a group of people evokes again a propitiatory song of the 17th century to celebrate the revival of Nature and to ask the good season to give a crop rich in products.

St. Isidoro's Fair in Follo

from the 6th to the 8th may 2008

This fair takes place in the Municipal Park of Pian di Follo on the third Sunday of may; local artisans and street traders will exhibit their products, there will be a medieval equestrian parade and a race, an equestrian western competition and an exhibition of paintings.

St.Isidoro's Fair in Castelnuovo Magra

15 may 2008

This fair takes place in a Municipal farm. St. Isidoro, patron of crops, visits every year a different municipal farm. There will be a celebrated Holy Mass and a rural party with snacks and music!

8th International Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana

from 12th May to 22nd May 2008

This important Acoustic Guitar Festival will take place at the Multisala Moderno Cinema; there will also be didactic seminaries held by the Lizard Guitar Academy of Florence; many concerts and guitar exhibitions will be performed on the stand of the Firmafede fortress court.

"Voler bene all' Italia" (Loving Italy) in Levanto

21st may 2008

This Festival will take place contemporaneously together with many other small italian towns. The event is organized by Legambiente association and its purpose is to promote italian small communes.

St.Pasquale's Fair in Brugnato

22nd may 2008

This fair takes place in the old town centre of Brugnato; it is dedicated to the Patron, Saint Pasquale, and it was first designated in 1871 by the Town Council as a fair selling goods and cattle in order to improve the local trade and industry.

Oil and quality products Festival in Castelnuovo Magra

27th and 28th May 2008

This festival will take place in Querciola square in Castelnuovo Magra. Tasting and selling of typical local products, from olive oil and wine to honey and vegetables.

Vintage motorbikes meeting in Deiva Marina

May 2008

A beautiful parade of vintage motorbikes realized between 1935 and 1970 will take place along the promenade C. Colombo in Deiva Marina.

Ecological walk through the Palmaria Island

May 2008

Starting point: Terrizzo (Palmaria) at 9:45/10:30 am; march including courses from 6 to 13 kilometers.

Lemon Festival in Monterosso

May 2008

Traditional Lemon festival-Lemon fisa. Awarding of the most distinctive shop window. There will be a suggestive atmosphere created by the alliance between the taste of lemons and the sound of accordions.

Gattafin Festival in Levanto

18th June 2008

This Festival will take place in Rosa dei Venti square at 9 pm and it will be the opening event of the tourist summer season.

St. John's Fair in La Spezia

23rd and 24th June 2008

This fair, which has a long tradition, will take place in the Migliarina quarter in La Spezia. Since a long time, besides to fly pitches, the inhabitants and local traders offer to the visitors many gastronomic deliciousnesses.

John the Baptist Patronal Festival in Deiva Marina

23rd and 24th June 2008

This parish Festival includes a traditional religious procession with artistical Crucifixes coming from the whole province and the neighbouring communes. On the 23rd June (St. John's Eve) a big bonfire will be made in the exposed gravelly river bed.

Sea Festival or St. Jacob's Festival in Levanto

from 22nd July to 25th July 2008

This Festival includes the parade of a beautiful medieval cortege which evokes back the customs and the traditions of the Da Passano family, famous and ancient lords of Levanto. After the cortege there will be a wonderful flag-weaving show, dexterity trials, dances and medieval music. Moreover, there will be a procession of some "big Christs" which are carried by hand by the members of Confraternities coming from different areas of Ligury. At the end of the procession the statue of St. Jacob will be carried to the sea, to the Gulf coloured by thousands of lights, to make the launch of a floral crown to commemorate the people who died in the sea. Then there will be an extraordinary pyrotechnic display.

Honey Festival in Calice al Cornoviglio

28th and 29th July 2008

This Festival proposes gastronomic fly pitches with specialities and goods typical of this area as the honey offered by local bee-keepers; in the evening there will be live music and, after a contest, the election of Miss Honey Drop.

Mussel festival in Cadimare

July 2008

On every weekend of the month of July, the Arci (the mutual aid Association of Cadimare (La Spezia) ), organizes the mussel Festival whose proceeds will be devolved to the sea village to finance the Palio del Golfo competition and to preserve sea traditions. Excellent and best-known dishes will be served, as spaghetti with mussels, marinade and filled mussels, mussels pancakes besides to the typical cooking ( fried fish, salted and lemon anchovies, sgabei and so on.). There will also be live music for free. This festival will take place on the sea-shore, in a suggestive and characteristic atmosphere.

Celebrations held in St. Erasmo's honour in Lerici

July 2008

The village gets completely enlighted and the statue of the Saint is shifted on the wharf and carried by sea to the bay in front of Lerici among many little lights; then, it is moved to the resort of San Terenzo and later back to Lerici. At the end of the procession, there will be an extraordinary pyrotechnic display.

Event and Fair "Il palio del Golfo" in La Spezia

3rd August 2008

This is an annual event which takes place in the sea area in front of the promenade "Passeggiata Morin". It consists in a rowing-boat race and it is also considered the most important local sea competition. The event lasts for 3 days: on Friday evening there will be the traditional sea-towns parade, on Saturday evening the weighing of the boats whereas the real competition will start on Sunday afternoon. The crews are divided into 3 categories: Women, Senior and Junior. The celebration will end with an extraordinary pyrotechnic display.

La Soffitta nella strada a Lerici (The attic in the street in Lerici)

August 2008

The streets of the old town centre become the location for traditional and suggestive antique-trade exhibitions with antiquities coming from different Italian regions.

Star festival in Bonassola

10th August 2008

On 10th August, in the resort of San Giorgio, there will be a celebration linked to the tradition of Saint Lawrence's night and falling stars. Local gastronomic products. Music.

Asado Festival in Follo

14th and 15th August 2008

This Festival will take place in the Municipal Park of Piana Battolla; it was introduced by the Argentine emigrants who imported the grilled meat cooking method. There will also be a pyrotechinc display and a procession of the statue of Saint Rocco.

Feast of the Assumption in Bonassola

15th August 2008

On 15th August in the resort of Montaretto there will be a celebration to commemorate the Assumption Day. Dances and distribution of typical local products during the evening.

Celebrations for the Assumption Day in Sesta Godano

15th August 2008

On 15th August, a nocturne procession will pass through the streets of the village to celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. During the event historical Crucifixes belonging to several Ligurian Confraternities will be carried by hand by the different members. The event will be followed by a polyphonic concert and a beautiful firework-display.

White Madonna Festival in Portovenere

17th August 2008

Portovenere Patron celebration Festival. At 9 pm a lot of torches will be lighted along Saint Peter's promontory and an image of the Virgin will be brought in procession. The event will end with a beautiful firework-display. 40th Lumaga Festival in Lerici 17th August 2008. The 40th "Sagra da lumaga" will take place in the resort of La Serra of Lerici; the famous "lumaghe", cooked following the tradition, and many other excellent fish-based dishes will be offered. This is the most ancient Festival of the whole province of La Spezia. It takes place on the Arci circle terrace which overlooks the amazing Gulf of the Poets.

Cortege in medieval costume passing through the streets of the village and square show in Castelnuovo Magra

27th August 2008

This parade evokes back the peace stipulated between the bishops of Luni and the Malaspina Counts. This event took place in 1306 in Castelnuovo Magra in the presence of the poet Dante Alighieri.

Pancake Festival in Follo

11th September 2008

Santa Maria Assunta Square in Carnea will be the location for the pancake Festival. There will also be an exhibition of paintings, gastronomic fly pitches and dances.

St. Venerio's Festival in Portovenere

13th September 2008

On 13th September 2008 on the Tino island (Portovenere) there will be a celebration held in St. Venerio's honour, patron of La Spezia. There will be a procession on the sea and the statue of St. Venerio will be moved from La Spezia to the Tino island. Then there will also be a blessing of the boats.

Grapes and wine Festival - Palio of the quarters of Vezzano in Vezzano Ligure

22nd September 2008

On Saturday 22nd September at 6 pm Opening of the Quarters, with music, dances and food; at 9 pm in Piazza del Popolo square (Vezzano Basso) dancing in the square with a DJ and performance of the dancing-school "Passione Latina" di Francesca - Piazza del Popolo, Vezzano Basso.

"Il Prione" literary award in La Spezia

November 2008

Free theme literary award with two special sections: the sea and theatre. The name of the event comes from one of the most ancient streets in La Spezia ( in the ancient dialect, "pria" was the name of the stone on which proclamations were read to the population ).

Agroalimentare in La Spezia

from 3rd December to 12th December 2008

The "Agroalimentare" exhibition, specialized in the sectors of the alimentation and the agriculture, will take place in the new Fair Centre "Spezia Expo" in La Spezia; it will be characterized by the presence of several stands rich in typical products, many of them cultivated following the rules of the biological agriculture.

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